Friday, December 17, 2010

illegal racing among teenagers

It is common today many teenagers involved in various type of social problems such as illegal racing. This can be seen while we in the road, there are so many teenagers ride their motorcycle with the dangerous condition. It is believe that, teenagers are easily to involved in illegal racing because of many reasons. For instance the influence of their friends. It can become worse if we do not take any action order to decreased the number of teenagers who involved in illegal racing.The number of accident will increased because of their attitudes.
Firstly, the cause that made teenagers involved in illegal racing is influence by their friends. For example, when their friends ask them to do something new and advance like to do superman action while ride the motorcycle, they will easily accept it. This example made it clear that in the age of teenagers, they like to show off with one another in order to get praise from their friends.It is obvious that, friends have big influence in  teenagers life.They only thinks about the happiness without think about the disadvantages.
Illegal racing will give bad effect to teenagers. For example, they have risk to death early and suffered disabilities . When look at the example, there is no doubt because in newpaper and television also always mentioned about this cases. The number of death because of accidents is increased every year. This cases occur in urban and also in rural area. Other than that, they also will suffered disabilities and will burden their family because they do not have ability to do anything like to eat and take a bath But, some teenagers do not regret and still continued do their bad attitudes.
As a conclusion, teenagers must realized about the disadvantages of illegal racing. They also must open their eyes before select somebody to being their friends. Not all friends can lead us to be a good and useful person. By doing that,they can save their life because life is only once. So, we must appreciate it.

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